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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte's classic story of love and betrayal, adapted by Robert Johanson. Directed by Nicola Bond and choreography by Peter Kirkwood.

December 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 9th, 10th, 14th, 16th, 17th @ 7:30pm
December 4th & 11th @ 1:30pm

You should know the synopsis, if not: pick up a book (or google it) but this is a taste of what to expect in our production.

Madelaine Page plays a passionate and rebellious young Jane Eyre while Kathryn Riordan plays the measured but restless older Jane Eyre. Although both the actresses are roughly the same age, their height difference and Madelaine's fantastic ability to make herself seem juvenile, creates the illusion of the one young lady at different times of her life. So far these beautiful (good luck finding a genuine plain Jane in our cast) and talented women have demonstrated a lot more dexterity in their accents than me! Despite their very different characters they are still able to give the impression of continuity through their performances, which is very important for this type of production. They have so so so very many lines to learn and have them almost all down, with no complaint or excuses! I have been amazed at the dedication to this production that they have shown, among all their other commitments!

The rest of the cast is HUGE and there are so many characters that I will be up till morning introducing them all but some of the names you might be looking out for are below, including the tall, dark and perfectly sardonic Mr. Rochester, portrayed by the tall, fair and perfectly amicable Mr. Kenworthy! Just wait for him to say "boite!" It's actually my favourite word in the whole play because he says it so scornfully! Vickie Billingham plays Mrs. Reed and Mrs. Fairfax and she has no issue with distinguishing between her characters. She is such a beautiful woman to look at any way but when she is performing it is impossible to look away. Carmen Miles plays a deliciously nasty and haughty Blanche Ingram. Carmen Giadresco portrays Lady Ingram and, like mother, like daughter! Their disdainful and pompous presentation is delightful to watch! Mr. Brocklehurst is made properly unlikeable by Sam Holland who is actually very likeable and by the way, a very talented opera singer! When he is giving his scathing lecture to the Lowood schoolgirls, you can tell! Miss Temple and Rosamund Oliver are both played by Jessica Rawnsley. While they are both sweet and very likeable characters, Jessica has been able to separate them by their character motivations and interpersonal relationships. St. John has the honour of being portrayed by the great and very talented Christopher Lucani! That's right! The man that brought you the faithless and fumbling Bill in Perfect Wedding is now bringing you the fastidious and faithful St. John! He does a lovely Northern accent and somehow makes being a puritanical Christian missionary an admirable ambition. However, expect to laugh out loud at his attempts to woo the object of his... er... well, not desire, exactly. And hiding in the wings, ready to create a bloodbath or set fire to the auditorium in one fell swoop, is the crazy and sickly Bertha Rochester nee Mason, portrayed gleefully by Jo Sterkenburg!

Bookings are through BOCS 9484 1133
or through the members booking line 9433 6260
or through the Harbour Theatre email address, find it on the website (google it)!

The address (the physical one that is part of the Fremantle landscape, not the virtual one on the web) is:
70 Adelaide Street,

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