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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Music Video Vixen Molly

Or so I'm called by Jef with One F in his review of a recent music video that I was featured in.

The music video was for Philco Fiction track 'Help' which was released earlier this year.

Directed by Christopher Kenworthy, the video features me flouncing around the outback chasing a bird. It was a lot of fun to shoot and Chris was, as always, a lot of fun to work with. He had swine flu, was carrying all the equipment by himself up cliff sides and still managed to come up with something that I'm exceedingly proud of.

Earlier this year Jef reviewed another music video that Chris directed and filmed. This one was for Steve Hogarth and Richard Barbieri's 'Naked.' I was a theatre actor turned gypsy dancer.

"Kerr plays a role to the hilt. While lost in her performance, at times her presence on the stage registers near-orgasmically on her face, but she never loses the edge of fear for a second: Fear of discovery, fear of mockery, maybe even fear of living a life too afraid to ever really stand up and demand a place. She never seems to overcome that fear; she simply incorporates it into her own beauty."

Before working with Chris, I worked with Anthony Vallejos on a Nevsky Prospekt music video called 'Top Marks For Treachery' in which I played a vengeful girlfriend to Aaron Hughes.

Since working with Chris, I was an extra in an End of Fashion music video directed by Kal Englishby at the WA Screen Academy, where I met so many talented actors and was exposed to Capoiera, a really beautiful cross between martial arts and dance.

I recently featured as the girlfriend of Bill Marri in his track 'Hit Ya Baby.'  A bunch of my acting friends agreed to turn up as extras in the street party. The various excuses for not turning up included:
'I forgot.'
'That's next weekend.'
'That's tomorrow.'
'I got my wisdom teeth out.'
'It's too far away.'
(This is why you should offer the incentive of payment to extras!)
But I think that director, Adrian Prospero, was able to create a slick party atmosphere, anyway. If you're interested Bill is planning on shooting a further two videos in November and wants as many extras as possible.

Soon, a friend of mine, Moazam Mirza, is planning on releasing a video for his track 'Aa Bhi Jaa' and he's asked me to feature in it.

So... if you have a video that needs a vixen... drop me a line.

I can also talk. And read scripts. Just in case you've got a role in mind that requires those particular skills. Visit www.mollykerractor.com to view my showreel and stay tuned as we cut a WHOLE NEW showreel together before your tax return is due. 

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